Mulga Street Primary School

Welcome to Mulga Street Primary School

Mulga Street Primary School sits on the north western edge of Mount Gambier and opened in 1982. It is a large primary school set on attractive grounds, with an enrolment of approximately 360 children including the Children’s Centre.

The Mount Gambier Children’s Centre, located on Mulga Street site opened at the beginning of 2010, with 35 enrolments, offering a birth to 5 years of age education and care facility to families within the region as well as providing access to allied health services. Current enrolments are stable with approximately 55 children.

The school has continued its commitment to providing a seamless education for children of families for whom Mulga Street is their local school, by forming strong ties with the Mulga Street Preschool, located within the Children’s Centre.

The Children's Centre also networks with all Primary Schools in our district to support preschool children in a successful transition process to their local school.

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